Welcome Irresistible!

Whether we have met or have yet to meet, welcome friend, to our little space within the vast digital galaxy!

Do you agree that pure happiness comes from within? And that feeling good about yourself, and loving yourself from the inside out is the key to unearthing your irresistibly happy life? We do!

But what about our outer appearance? It may seem shallow to talk about how we look, but don’t we feel good when we look good? Especially, when we look good and true as ourselves!

So, if you’re anything like us, you’re not a fashionista! In fact, isn’t following trends just tiring? And, don’t you hate being encouraged to try on something “wild” just to look completely opposite to who you truly are on the inside? We do, too! That’s why we started our jewelry studio: Irresistibly Minimal.

Irresistibly Minimal is a positive, pay-it-forward jewelry studio. Our mission is to craft beautiful everlasting jewelry pieces that accentuates each and every one of our unique personality, without overpowering it!

That’s because we believe that you’re truly irresistible the way you are! We hope to help you express yourself, and encourage you to let your passion and quirks shine through with our pieces. We’re here to help you polish your outfit, communicate your worth, draw the right interest, and ultimately, create an object of sentimental value you’ll be proud to pass down to a loved one.

So, if there is one thing you must know about us, it is that our passion is in crafting everyday luxury jewelry pieces with the goal of spreading the important message of becoming yourself. It is this very belief: “I’m irresistible” that we hope to share through our creations, and studio culture, so to pay it forward for time to come.

We're not here just to craft and sell beautiful jewelry. We sow happiness, everyday.

You are irresistible!
and, We love you already!

With much love,
Joe & Joann Lee
(A brother & sister team ❤️)

Did you know?

Not all Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver jewelry are created to be equally earth-friendly. At Irresistibly Minimal, we source our precious metals and gemstones only from reputable, sustainable, and green suppliers such as Rio Grande. No exploitative silver, no dirty gold, and no conflict diamonds are used in the making and repair of our jewelry pieces. So, gift yourself and your loved ones an eco-friendly and socially conscious gift that will last through a lifetime of memories.

⚜ Our promise of ethics and quality:
We care for humanity,
We are environmentally responsible,
We champion social and environmental well-being through craftsmanship.

Want to help?

Join us and fellow Irresistibles in The Irresistibles Club and The Irresistible Rewards Program!

Together, let's make sure we all feel encouraged, love how we are, and unearth our irresistibly happy lives.