FAQ & Giving Rewards

"I don’t want to just craft and sell beautiful jewelry.
I want to gift little bundles of happiness, everyday!"
– Joe Han Lee

The Irresistible Rewards

Every 1.00 USD you spend with us gives you 10 Giving Points. Once you have accumulated enough Giving Points, you can exchange them for coupon codes and other exclusive goodies! 😊

Here are the first 5 rewards you can take advantage off!

USD 10 off discount with orders above USD 67.
500 Giving Points.

15% off coupon with orders above USD 67.
1500 Giving Points.

USD 20 off discount with orders above USD 97.
2500 Giving Points.

25% off coupon with orders above USD 97.
3000 Giving Points.

30% off coupon with orders above USD 97.
6000 Giving Points.

With enough Giving Points, you can claim any Rewards as many times as you like. The Giving Points never expires, but once you claim a coupon, you’ll have to use the coupon within 3 days before the coupon expires. Join The Irresistible Rewards by creating your FREE account here!

Why is it called Giving Points?

The Giving Points and The Irresistible Rewards program is our way of giving back to you, our beloved Irresistible, and to aid Social Anxiety research and treatment, and mother earth. When you claim a reward, 100% of the proceeds go to the Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety, Worldwide Fund for Nature, and The Nature Conservancy.

We're a positive, pay-it-forward jewelry studio and we champion social and environmental well-being through our craftsmanship.

What is our commitments to quality craftsmanship?

Enjoy a 100% Happiness Guarantee with every jewelry piece made by us! Every piece of jewelry that is made by us comes with a lifetime warranty.

Our warranty covers crafting defects and excludes damage caused by wear and tear, loss or theft, and any modification by a 3rd party jeweler.


14K Gold-Filled jewelry are jewelry pieces made with a solid layer of 14K Gold that is bonded onto another metal, and is more than 100 times thicker than any high-quality Gold-plated jewelry.

So, if cared for, your 14K Gold-Filled jewelry can be worn for a very long time, without it tarnishing and wearing off. 14K Gold-Filled jewelry looks just like 14K Gold jewelry so it is an affordable alternative to solid 14K Gold jewelry.

Do Sterling Silver & Gold-Filled jewelry tarnish?

Tarnish happens when the outermost layer of a metal undergoes a chemical reaction. Examples of common chemical reactions include exposure to humidity, skin perspiration (sweat), perfume, lotion, hairspray, and soap.

❕ So, will Sterling Silver & Gold-Filled jewelry tarnish? The short answer is YES, as any metal that undergoes a chemical reaction will tarnish. Nevertheless, Sterling Silver & Gold-Filled have been used to craft jewelry for a long time because they’re less likely to tarnish. It does happen from time to time, and as everyone’s body chemistry is different, it is difficult to predict how your skin will react to the metal until you try it. The tarnish can easily be removed with a polishing cloth or liquid.

How can you look after your jewelry?

At Irresistibly Minimal, we only use the highest quality Sterling Silver and Gold-filled precious metals in all our designs. Although Sterling Silver and Gold-filled precious metals are everlasting, care should be taken so your jewelry will always look pristine.


• Try not to wear your jewelry during exercise.
• Avoid contact between your jewelry and chemicals such as perfumes, laundry detergents, chlorine and salt water.
• Store your jewelry in a cool, dry and dark area.


• Use Sterling Silver and Gold-filled cleaning and polishing clothes to clean your jewelry.
• Do not use tissue or paper towels as they may scratch the surface of the jewelry.

Shopping during the holiday times?

Please be advised that there may be a delay in shipping closer to holiday times. In order for you or your gift recipients to receive the package in time for Christmas, please place your purchase by the following holiday deadlines:

• Canada: order by Dec 6th
• USA: order by Dec 14th